Compiling the titles of documents


I’ve got a project that’s basically about thirty documents in the drafts folder with just a title and an image in each one. It would be quite useful for me to have a list of these titles - if I’d put the text in the actual documents I could just compile the whole thing as a text file, but I was wondering if you could add the titles when you compile, or get a list of them some other way.

Thank you

Just to get you started, this is effectively done at compile.
On the other hand, I’ll let someone else come up with more details, as I am currently away from my computer and can’t support any explanation with screenshots.
It ain’t much, but at least now you know that the compile panel is for you where to snoop. :wink:

Otherwise, in the manual – chapter 23, I believe – look for the sub-chapter about section layouts.
This (the section layout) is where you’ll tell Scrivener that (and how) you want your documents’ title compiled.

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Ah that’s great I’ve found it now - thanks for your help!

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You might also take a look at the various Outline compile formats that are supplied with Scrivener, as they’re intended for exactly this kind of task.


I will do, thank you