Compiling to Locked (Read Only) File--No Change and No Error Message

If you compile to a DOCX file that’s locked, Scriv will check that you want to overwrite it. You say yes, and the compile seems to proceed normally. However, when you view the DOCX file, it has not been changed.

It should warn you: “That file is locked …”

It could be a big problem if you think you modified a file but did not, and you end up publishing the older version.

It may happen with other formats, but I haven’t tested that.


Hmm, it looks like that may be a problem at the conversion engine level. Scrivener uses a Java-based converter to turn its native RTF output into .doc/x and .odt. If you test with RTF or anything else, you should be getting a warning about the file not being saved as you don’t have permission to.

It looks like the converter is logging the error in, so it might be something we can detect for and produce a warning. Thanks!