Compiling to PDF issue -- font kerning

Hello all – I’m having a somewhat frustrating issue with Scrivener that feels like a setting I accidentally toggled on. Basically, when I compile to PDF, it condenses the characters closer together, as if I’ve got a kerning setting somewhere (but I can’t find it). I tried attaching an image, but it isn’t letting me.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Let’s try this. Here’s the screenshot uploaded to Google Docs.

I have also had problems exporting to PDF. But, rather than try to figure what went wrong my solution was to first export to RTF and then to PDF and all was well. If RTF is not your cup of tea you could export to docx and then to PDF.

Once again, it would be helpful if we knew if you are on Windows or MacOS. Though I would agree with @Orpheus, on compiling to RTF, opening that in your word processor and exporting/printing to PDF from that.


My apologies – I’m on Windows, and it’s happening on several machines in several projects. I’ll try the RTF workaround (do you find it has any issues with things like image use?) in the meantime.

Mark, you know all you have to do is click on the poster’s dot and it shows you their platform(s), if they have entered that info in the profile – which many have!

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I only have a few images and I have no problem exporting to RTF then PDF. I don’t know what would happen if it was loaded with images.

An advantage of exporting to RTF/DOCX first before going to PDF is that your word processor might catch spelling mistakes that Scrivener missed.

Check to see if you have set one of these (prob. Loosen) in the Scriv editor.

There is also this to check: Scrivener > Preferences > Editing > Options > Use Fine Kerning.

If you find that you have loosened the kerning in the Editor, you can similarly adjust the paragraph format in Compile. When you are setting the format of one of those placeholder paragraphs in a Section Format, you won’t find kerning on the little format bar, but notice that you have full access to the Character Spacing menu when you are setting the format of a template paragraph.

I’ve done that so often to find that it hadn’t been entered, so basically I’ve ended up tending not to try.


I hear that. And still yet, arguably one has a duty to check before resorting drastic means!