Compiling to text, title prefix showing up instead of link text

The text that I’m compiling has Scrivener links (pointing to other documents in the project). I’m compiling for txt and while manipulating the txt output, I discovered something odd.

The text of the link is replaced with my Chapter prefix – and chops the remainder of that line. I questioned if my ‘manipulating’ introduced a problem, but the txt file untouched has this error. I’m using the Title Prefix to ‘tag’ the beginning of a document, so I can split it into multiple files. Originally it was #----# (that’s hashmark - 4 dashes - hashmark), but to be completely sure, I swapped it out to ‘QQQQ’ – and sure enough, the text for the link is replaced with my title prefix, the entire paragraph containing the link is lost (as far as I can tell), and the next paragraph becomes the first line in the next file. The contents of the next file are the remainder of the document that was split.

Is there a way to locate all the links in my compile? I’m sure there’s more than one, but I’m currently only finding 1 file with this issue. Earlier, I think there were two, but maybe I edited my project to fix the issue for the time being?)

What say you? Did I find a bug? :grin:

ETA: The compile doesn’t lose the line or paragraph – that was an artifact of my manipulation of the file. It just replaces the “link text” with my title prefix.