Compiling to Word Not working

My Scrivener will compile to print, but will not compile to word. Every time I try, I get immediately sent to the Document folder and I have to click the doc. When I click on the document title, nothing happens other than the document gets broken down to other comonents - when I click on any of them, nothing happens.

When you choose a format like DOC, clicking “Compile” will open the file browser so you can choose where to save your compiled document; most likely that’s defaulting to your user Documents file. You should be able to just type a name for the new file in the Save As field at the bottom of that window to create the compiled .doc in your Documents folder. It is not possible to save the compiled file inside your Scrivener project folder, but if you tried this you should get an error message explaining it when you click “Save”.

If you try just saving the compiled file into your Documents folder, does that work or produce any sort of error message?