Compiling to Word with automatic chapter numbering as Word headings

Hello there - long time Scrivener user finding myself slightly bamboozled now that I’ve got to the point in my writing career where I’m having to regularly spit out new compiled drafts for critique partners, agent etc.

Currently I write my ‘Novel with Parts’ draft using individual Scrivenings as chapters, inside folders for Parts. When compiling, each Scrivening shows up in word as a numbered chapter. I don’t have any chapter names or numbers in the text itself.

Unfortunately the chapter numbers Scrivener is adding at the top of each chapter aren’t being passed through as MS Word Headings, so if I want to use them for a TOC or to navigate the document, I have to manually style them. I’m using the MS Word - Manuscript (Times) pre-set.

Is there a checkbox I’m missing somewhere? All of the entries in the manual and forum posts I can find are referencing Headings manually added to the Scrivening content, rather than the chapter numbers/names that are inserted during the compile process.

I suppose the trick is to modify (a copy of) your compile setting so as to apply a defined style to the section title of your chapter docs. You will need to use a defined style whose name matches exactly the name of the style in Word you want it to have (‘Heading 1’, as it might be).

Find the section layout which is being assigned to the section type of your chapter docs. Enable the Override option as pictured below. Put your insertion point in the ‘Section Title’ text of the sample. Then assign the desired Style.

(You also need to have style assignments being preserved in the output – which maybe you have set already, I am guessing. If not, that is in this same dialogue box under the Styles area under a little gear icon.)

Ah, thanks - I’m kind of surprised Chapter Titles/Numbers in the default templates don’t have H1 styling applied already, but I’ll take a look.

I’ll have a go at this when I’m back on my primary machine.

Thanks, that worked a treat. I’m still surprised it’s not the default, but now I can finally zip around my Word draft nearly as quickly as I can in the original Scrivener file.

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I made a youtube video about how I do this, if it’s helpful. You can find it here.

Setting up Scrivener to compile to Word

My video discusses my set up in terms of legal briefs, but the process is no different for any kind of highly-structured document you might be creating: e.g., a novel, dissertation, etc.


Thank you, that is very detailed and useful. Appreciated.

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Thank you. A very useful video for those using the Scrivener to Word path. I found the demonstration of how to move styles from a word template to a word doc to be the most exciting aspect that would have saved me time (days) when I needed it-back when I was writing my thesis. Recommended to others.