I’ve just finished my FAQ and want to compile it - but it’s showing all the wrong images.
it’s weird - nearly all the images are the last image in the document.

Anyone seen this before? Is it because I’m using a trial version? I’m on my work laptop and I thought this would be a good idea… I’m really beginning to regret it!

This is a bug to do with the way that the compiler is processing the images. The problem is for images with the same name (e.g. “Clipboard Image”), the compiler takes the final instance and uses that image each time the name is called. Until this bug is fixed, the workaround is to give each of the images a unique name by right-clicking the image in the editor and choosing “Edit Image”. By loading your full draft in a Scrivenings session, you can just scroll down to check each image. If you open a compiled copy beside it, you’ll be able to see which images already have unique names (i.e. they compile correctly) and can skip those in the process.