Good day.

I have a slight problem with the ‘Compiling’ process. I am taking part of NaNoWriMo and this is the first year that I am using Scrivener. (Love it so far)
But this morning while trying to compile the document all the words and sentences was thrown out as “xxdaeiond duaxx”.

Am I doing something wrong? Any and all help would be helpful. I am using Scrivener for Windows as well as the NaNo templates

This is a setting in the expanded compile window, under the section titled “replacements”. It’s in answer to the worry that someone will steal a NaNoer’s words when they paste them into the word count validator.

What it’s doing is replacing some letters with other letters on the output to make it unreadable, while still making all the strings of characters count as the same number of words. To make it come out legible, delete the lines in the Replacements section of the Compile window (you may have to expand it by clicking on the big blue arrow next to the “Format As:” drop-down list.

For further information on the NaNoWriMo template you’re using, click on the document at the top of your Binder (titled “NaNoWriMo Template”) and give that a read.

Thank you! I appreciate your help :smiley:

Oh geez, I had the same problem and was about to lose my mind! :open_mouth: Thanks for the info!