Complete newbie and completely in awe!!

Oh my goodness! I just downloaded this program and haven’t even begun to use it, but have been watching David’s videos. The more videos I watch the more impressed I am with the breadth and depth of the program. The fact that they are working on a windows version is huge as well, since my problem for 2 years now has been that my beloved journaling program (which I also use for life story writing) is win only. I’ve had to pay mucho money for parallels, win7, etc. just to get TWO wins programs to work on my mac.

I’m VERY excited to get started and am only sorry I didn’t look into this more when I first got my mac :slight_smile:

Dawn in NJ

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated! David will be glad to know his videos are appreciated, too, I know how long and hard he works on them only for me to say, “You missed a bit…” :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

All the best,