[COMPLIMENT] Nice job guys

I’ve posted several bugs and complaints, and more to come, but I just wanted to make sure to say that overall I’m both pleased and impressed with the great job you’re doing on Scrivener. The new GUI is much more enjoyable to use, I like the new features (most of them I’ve read about but haven’t tried yet – I’m still a Scrivener newbie), and I’ve developed software myself. So many devils in the details, lol.

Keep up the good work, and thank you for some great improvements!

I tried Scrivener a couple of years ago, liked what it did very much, but at the time it only got me to bases loaded. I’m a better writer now, so I guess I’ve caught up to its capabilities, because I can’t see myself going back to Word anytime soon – not for the bulk of the writing process, anyway. Formatting the print exactly the way I want, (I’m quirky the way I use headings,) might still need to be a Word proposition, tho. We’ll see what’s on bat for Scrivener next inning… :smiley:

I agree that Scrivener for Windows offers a lot of value for the small amount of money asked, and the new version sounds absolutely wonderful.

However, Baseball analogies might be lost on the people doing the development! :laughing:

LOL, showing my age, eh? Yeah, my sons find it incredibly dull to watch. It was fun to play tho. :slight_smile:

That, and I believe the Windows team is in Australia.


HAHA cricket anyone?

Pretty sure us baseballs and them crickets have a feel for each other. Bonkers, yeah, but my kind of bonkers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me try swords instead: Old Scrivener was great as far as it went, a Type XV sword of war, perhaps. The new version is more like a Type XXa - I can do some serious literary smiting with that.

I understand the swords metaphor even less than the baseball and cricket ones, so I’ll just say congratulations to the team; not only are the betas coming quickly, but the number of squished bugs is growing without (as far as I’ve seen) introducing new ones. Very impressive (and unusual in my, admittedly limited, experience of beta testing). Are you in sight of a first release candidate? I would have thought so.

Keep up the good work, and thanks again.