Composition AND corkboard

I’ve got a widescreen monitor 37" across and would really like to see the cork board AND the composition window at the same time. Maybe even composition, corkboard AND synopsis since there’s plenty of screen real estate available for all three.
Just a suggestion.

Are you not splitting the layout? (Window > Layouts)

Splitting your editor vertically is absolutely what you’re after. Also, you can increase the size of the inspector and binder, allowing for more information to be displayed there. If you make use of bookmarked documents (at the project or document level), then the inspector can act as yet another editor/viewer column. Then of course, you can use copyholders, but I’m not sure if those can display to the side of a vertically-split editor; they may only display below the editor they’re associated with.

Also! If you want to have a few documents open in their own windows, you could tile the main Scrivener window with a Quick Reference window (tiled manually, or with something like BetterSnapTool or its competitors). If you enable the MacOS setting to prefer tabbed windows, then subsequent QR windows would occupy the same space, or you could separate them and tile them too.

Depends what the OP means as Composition window of course. If he means ‘Composition Mode’, then I don’t think there’s a way of doing it, even using Split Full Screen.

Wanders off to try

No, don’t think so.

I think it is possible (don’t have the equipment to verify), though you would need multiple physical monitors to have composition mode and a corkboard available all at once. In the Behaviors: Composition Mode preference pane, you can target up to four different screens (as denominated by macOS), and disable the option to hide the primary project window when doing so.

Sorry, Amber – I meant with a single screen. I can get it working I think with my dual monitor setup, but the OP seems to want it all on his 37" screen — if it was two projects, then split screen would work, but not composition mode.

It’s not hugely clear but the screen on the right is showing the cork board, that on the left Composition mode.