Composition Mode - Adjust vertical position of the active typing line

In Composition Mode, with Typewriter Mode turned on, I wish I could position the text-entry line lower on the screen.

When I’m writing new material, it’s much more useful to glance above the typing line, at what’s been written, than to see half a screen of blank below where I’m typing. The more I can see of what I’ve just written, the better. This is especially true on my large UHD display!

Thanks for considering this.


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I believe that this is already on the list of future improvements to (one of these days) come.
Whether it is in the main editor or in composition mode.

Yes, there are two scheduled improvements:

  • A five-point preference for where the typing line should be by default (quarters, thirds, middle). The Edit ▸ Find ▸ Jump to Selection command changes to use this setting instead of the middle always.
  • A setting (on by default) that regards the current position of the line, whenever you move the cursor, to be the fixed typing line (unless that point is very close to the top or bottom). This avoids the distracting jumping about that happens when editing more than writing, and thus means less toggling it on and off if that bothers you. And in conjunction with the previous, Jump to Selection becomes your “reset” if you do want to settle back and do some prolonged writing in your preferred area of the screen.

@Amber, this is great news. It will make Comp Mode much more useful for me. The flexibility you described is even more ingenious than I had imagined. (Not surprising, given the astonishing proliferation of conveniences throughout Scriv.)

And thanks, Vincent, for the quick reply.