Composition mode causing software to freeze

When I click to enter composition mode, Scrivener freezes and I get a (not responding) along the top bar. The only thing I can do is close the program.

I’ve tried restarting my laptop. I’ve tried not using the shortcut key (instead going to view-> composition mode -or- using F11). None work.

I’m sorry if I’m not using technical terms.

I love composition mode as it is so much easier on my eyes. But it hasn’t worked in a few months.

What you’re experiencing is not a common problem–I just tested.
I see from your profile note you assume you’re on the latest version.
Select Help > About to confirm you’re using version
If not, select Help > Check for Updates.

Also check if this is your experience on other projects.
If you don’t have others, select Help > Interactive Tutorial, which will build that project automatically–takes about a minute, and test it on any document in that project–that way you’ll know if the problem is confined to your project of Scrivener as a whole.

Two troubleshooting steps do, that can most commonly cause issues with Composition mode:

  1. In Project ▸ Project Settings..., under the Background Images tab, temporarily disable, by setting it to “No backdrop”, at the top.
  2. If nothing was set there, or that makes no difference, then in File ▸ Options..., under the Appearance: Composition Mode: Colors tab, click the Use Default Color button.

Sorry it took me so long to respond.

I just did help → about and it says Version: (2073405) 64-bit - 06 Jul 2023

I went to other projects to see if it was stalling in those, too, before, and it was. Composition mode in every project froze until I had to just reboot the computer. But, just in case, I opened a random peoject and clicked on the composition mode icon and it worked!! So then I went back to the one I’ve been having issues with and clicked composition mode and it worked!!! What?

So, I guess disregard this.

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This is the weirdest thing. Because I really needed a black background and white letters, I found a YouTube video that showed me how to go to file → options → appearance → page view and I made it black with a white background.

Now, several days later, I’m happy with it but clicked on the composition mode icon and it works!!! I feel like I’m gaslighting myself. But, seriously, my husband teaches computer technology at a highschool and I was showing him what was happening then, and now, and he’s baffled, too!

So, thanks for the help. Please disregard.

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