Composition mode customisation


I would like to customise the composition mode to work late at night… so I thought to replicate the old DOS black screen with green text, but I don’t feel comfortable with the actual font. Is there a way to change the font just for the composition mode?
Thank you,

Unfortunately no, it’s simply not possible given that this is a rich text editor. We can change the display colour of the text so you can get the bright green or orange you’re looking for, but other attributes of the text such as its font, weight, size and so forth are not things that can be dynamically changed on the fly without actually changing the underlying text’s attributes.

Now one thing about Scrivener is that the font you write with need not be the font you print with. The compiler can change the body text font for you when you print or export, meaning you can use whatever you want while writing. So if you don’t mind using a monospace font everywhere, that’s always an option.

Thank you, I know the magics of compile, but maybe “choose a font in composition mode” could be add as a request feature, if possible of course.

To clarify, if there were such an option it would permanently change the font for any text you happened to use Composition mode with. If you chose Menlo for example, then upon leaving Composition mode, every bit of text you viewed with it would literally be Menlo, everywhere. You might as well just change the font, is the point.