Composition Mode dialogue boxes all black / blank

After I upgraded to the latest version of Scrivener when I am in composition mode and make a typo the box that pops up with a spelling correction is all black so you cant see the words in it (see attachment).

Also if I try and use dictionary / thesaurus that dialogue box won’t open in composition mode,

Both of these work fine in non composition mode.

Thanks - (High Sierra 10.13.5 / Scrivener 3.0.3 (3032))

Very strange - I cannot reproduce this at all, as it is working fine for me on both my machines. These dialogue boxes are handled by Apple code, too, which makes it even stranger.

Is there anything you would like me to check?

Hi This is still happening and is really difficult to work with. Any suggestions from anyone for a fix?

I’ve found a way to replicate the issue. If the app is in full screen mode when I switch to composition mode I get this issue, when the app is not in full screen the dialogue boxes work normally …

Thanks for the extra information. I can reproduce it now myself. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to fix it as it is an Apple bug. However, you can work around it by setting Composition Mode to open in its own space as follows:

  1. Go to Scrivener > Preferences…

  2. Under “Behaviours”, select “Composition Mode” on the left and then tick “Open composition mode in its own space” on the right.

The bug seems to be triggered by a full screen presentation space (Composition Mode) being opened over a window filling a space (full screen mode), so by having Composition Mode move to its own space, you avoid the issue.

All the best,