Composition Mode does not work

Edit: This happens only if the ui scale factor is not set to 100%. I had it at 125% and after switching back to 100% the probelm disapeared.
I guess any user-defined scale factor will cause that problem.

Anyone else having problems with composition mode since today’s update?
When I start it, I’ll get a scrollbar somwhere on the screen an a little cursor also is visible. But without blinking.
If I click on the area where textinput should be possible I can see the composition mode but there is no textinput possible. After another click the composition mode disapears again …
Any ideas what happens here?

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on my Win 10 machine. But, I had already installed the 3.1.5 hot fix before seeing your post.

I’m not sure if that’s a factor in what you’re seeing. It could be helpful to know if you installed that hot fix and if you’re on a Win 10 or Win 11 computer.

By UI scale factor, are you referring to the text magnification setting in the lower left corner of the composition mode toolbar? If so, have you tried setting it back to 125% after a restart with it at 100%? I’m wondering if maybe the value was just stuck on something outside of what was expected (like say there was a bug in conversion that resulted in it being the equivalent of 12.5% internally), and with the updated version now handling the setting, it works as expected?

I haven’t seen this happen in a simple upgrade test, so it may require additional factors in order to see it. If the problem returns with a 125% setting we could dig into a bit further if you want.

It’s the scale factor for the os (see screenshot):

That happens on my notebook and the screenshot is from my pc, so don’t be confused about the 2 monitors above. Both run Windows 11 pro

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Ah ha, thanks for the clarification, I’ll give that a look. I’m on Windows 10 still, so it might be different, but either way we can at least file it to look into.

Just to let you know, we have at this point tried to reproduce this on two different Windows 11 computers and have had no luck. It seems to be working fine overall with system scaling. It may be worth checking for video driver updates, which the new programming framework may expect to have a minimum level on.

Thank you for that hint. I’ll try it and post the result.

FWIW I am able to reproduce the very same issue as the OP. If my windows scaling is set to anything other than 100% the composition window “disappears” and sends Scrivener into a strange state.

Possibly relevant, I also have a dual monitor setup.

This is on updated Windows 11 with latest video drivers.

It would be helpful if you mention what version of Scrivener you are using. Help > About Scrivener.


The Scrivener Version I’m using is

Interesting note about another bug - I activated a trial license version. When I clicked on Check for Updates, it was telling me that was the latest version. No update needed.

I went to the website and downloaded/installed But the issue with composition mode still persists.

Yeah, it came about that there was an issue with pre- versions not properly recognising updates with a final non-zero point (e.g. would trigger the update notice but not; that’s been fixed going forward.

But I would like to clarify, were you seeing this described bug with the “disappearing” composition mode screen in Or only after updating to That’s a big jump in versions and encompasses a number of internal framework updates, so it’s significant if you were experiencing the bug even in that older version.

Sorry I completely forgot to respond here. I was seeing this issue with both and

I run my Windows 11 display at 225%, which is smaller than the recommended 300% because it gives me more screen real estate. I have no problem accessing Composition Mode in Scrivener.

I don’t believe it has been mentioned yet, but does this problem extend to a new project, from Blank? I’m wondering if maybe the display settings for composition mode got messed up at some point, and those would be per-project.

Also have no display problem in Composition Mode with new projects.

Thanks for that. Sorry for the confusion though, I’m mostly interested in hearing about that from those that can see the problem. If it is a project display settings bug, it’s extremely unlikely to pop up in a blank project. However if it’s not that, and is something system level in some regards, then a blank project should show the problem as well. Thus the result would help isolate where the problem is coming from.

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