Composition mode lagging

Hello everyone,

I used Scrivener for couple of months now. I enjoy writing journals, novels, scriptwriting very much since I used Scrivener. Microsoft Word couldn’t offer this taste of adventure and the ultimate edition and navigation as Scrivener.

One thing that annoys me recently is Composition Mode. When I enter the Composition Mode, it keeps lagging every time I type in. It helps me focus better but costs me the latency problem. Does anyone have this same problem that words fall behind your typing ? If you do, how can we fix it ?

Thanks in advance,

I’ve never seen a problem like that myself, but I use very simple settings: no backdrop or texture graphics, 100% zoom and a limited line width—and as well I write in very short sections of text for the most part. I would try adjusting settings to see if you get better responsiveness from the computer.

And of course a simple test would be to try resetting your preferences temporarily, and testing in a new blank project. If that runs fine, then observing the differences between these two samples can help serve as clues toward finding the culprit.