Composition mode - page height and width setting

Firstly thanks devs for all your great work 8)

When I opened Composition mode today (Beta 19) I was delighted to see the extra options appear on the status bar. One of these was a page height and position adjuster. However after switching out of Composition mode, then back in again, there was no longer a height option but instead the width option (as in previous versions). I’m guessing both the page height and width options should be visible but I am only randomly getting one or the other.

If you hold down the ALT key, the page width control should turn into a page height control.

The only reason I know this is I was preparing to ask the developers if they eventually would add this feature, so I checked the Mac User Guide to make sure it existed there, and–voila!–Mac users need to do the same thing (except with the CMD key).

Why developers think Hidden UI is a good–or even acceptable–thing is beyond me.

Holding the Alt (Opt) key down to get a different option is standard practice on the Mac (it’s just part of the default programming toolkit, I think). It’s normally used to add less-common aspects to a feature without clogging up the interface.

Here, most people will probably want to change the width of the composition window rather than the height, so the former is in plain view and the latter available with the option key. On the Mac (but not on Windows as far as I can see), there’s a tool tip which tells you about the height setting. That would be helpful, I think.

Similarly, if you hold opt down while clicking the File menu you get extra options (e.g. to save the project as a new template). It looks like this isn’t so much part of the Windows toolkit and the File menu has to be longer in compensation.

Cool - thanks guys