Composition Mode toolbar-hide by default

Right after entering the Composition Mode this mode’s toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the screen. I was wondering if there is a way to start this mode with its toolbar hidden and perhaps to adjust it’s buttons like one can adjust Main Toolbar and Format Bar, pls?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I briefly see the toolbar but mine disappears. Does your toolbar stay visible the entire time?

It disappears after a while-that’s the default behavior and it is by design, I believe. They display it to remind you that it’s there and then, once you’ve been reminded, they hide it. Same with the scrolling bar on the right. It takes even longer for this one to disappear. It’s obviously done by design, IMHO. The idea behind it is not bad at all, but when you switch between the views often it becomes so bothersome :frowning: It completely takes me out of the flow :frowning:
So I was just wondering if anybody perhaps knows about a method to set it to start as hidden. I don’t think such setting exists, but I would love to be proven wrong ;-)