Composition paper fade chapter issue

Scrivener 3 on Windows 10…
I have multiple sub-chapters under one folder (which is my chapter place-holder). Each chapter is a text file.
When composing, viewing each chapter ‘separately’, paper-fade works fine. But when I select the enclosing ‘folder’ (my chapter placeholder) which automatically displays all sub-subchapters under it, paper fade no longer ‘fades’. The page color remains solid. See pics. Any advice?

I am able to confirm that opening scrivenings in composition mode breaks paper fade. Not a big issue, but I like being able to see pretty background.

Hi! I hope I haven’t missed a forum thread where this was already reported/resolved! I’m having a problem with viewing Scrivenings and using paper fade in Composition Mode.

I am setting up my Composition mode at the moment with image backgrounds for my two main project files. When I attempt to view a folder or a set of scrivenings together, the Fade setting defaults to 100% opacity and cannot be changed until I navigate to a single document. I read somewhere that this was a result of my project being created on Scrivener 1.0 or my project being created on Mac? I haven’t had any other issues with updating or transferring at all.

Love this program so much! It makes my writer heart happy. Thanks to anyone who stops by to say they have this issue too or anyone with suggestions to help me out.