Comprehensive spellcheck dictionary

Is there a spell check dictionary available for Scrivener (for Windows, if that matters) that contains, you know, ALL the words?

When I’m writing, it’s super inconvenient to have to stop what I’m doing and google;
blase - but with the e with the thing over it
blonde - BLONDE. Are you kidding me? How is BLONDE not in the spellcheck dictionary?
naginata - what kind of boring novels are you guys writing that don’t have naginatas in them?

You get the idea. That’s like 1/20th of the words I’ve added to my personal dictionary, and each one represents an interruption to my work flow.

Sometimes I think it might be better to write in Google Docs, because they use google for spell checking.

I think it’s BOGGLING that premier writing tool Scrivener doesn’t come with a spell check dictionary that includes ALL THE WORDS.

Orc. ORC isn’t in the spellcheck dictionary. The fuck kind of novel writing tool doesn’t know the word ‘orc?’ But it does know ‘elf,’ because Scrivener is racist.

And anyone thinking, “Oh, but rare words like ‘flechette’ don’t need to be in there,” to which my counter is “Is it a word? If the answer is yes, then, yes, it needs to be in the spell check dictionary.” Anything short of that is a shortcoming in the software, IMO, and can distract me from working. And honestly, ‘flechette’ is not a very rare word in, I don’t know, literally any sci-fi novel.

‘Snarky’ is not in there. Neither is ‘suplex.’ Yeah, I imagine your novel about a prison baseball team set in 1907 doesn’t need the word ‘suplex,’ but you know what? My much more interesting novel about a guy who gets in to frequent melee scuffles with dinosaurs definitely needs it. Also, oh yeah, IT’S A WORD!

So to summarize, is there a comprehensive English dictionary that I can download for the love of god please.

Hi @DaveBarrack,

Your post doesn’t mention whether you’re on Windows or Mac, but if you’re on Windows see this thread that discusses how to replace the default dictionary with a more robust one. (The thread is in regards to the v3 beta, but still applies to the production version of v3.)