Computer Crash and Scrivener Data


I’ve been using Scrivener since two years. Couple days ago, i had a computer crash (Macbook Air 2017) and i lost my every data including Scrivener file. I used to share the program with my brother. But I didn’t share my file with him or back uped my data. Is there any way i can save my data?

I hope i can find a solution.

Can you do a Zoom session?

IF that data on your hard drive is truly lost and if you did not make any backups, then you have certainly lost your data.

Unless your project file was in an area on your hard drive which was being synced by a sync service like Dropbox.

Or Unless someone ($) who knows how to do data recovery on a hard drive can recover your project file and it is sufficiently unmolested. Just because your computer does not work anymore does not mean the data on its hard drive is gone or even damaged.

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thank you for the information!

do you think it is possible to save the data?

Sorry in advance for all the “sometimes” scattered within… that’s not being evasive, but rather the nature of computer failures.

This depends on exactly what went wrong with your computer or drive. In many cases, a knowledgeable person can remove the drive and put it in another computer as a second drive (not to boot, but just to look at it). Sometimes, EVEN if the boot part went bad, the data can sometimes be recovered. It’s definitely worth a shot. Sometimes this can be done without opening up the other computer (e.g. with a disk docking station). On the bad side, hard disks are a common failure (in my relatively extensive experience). On the good side, in many cases, the data is still available even though I’d never trust the drive again.


  • At times the hardware of the computer (aside from the drive) is what failed. In those cases, the data is at times recoverable and at times the drive is still good.

  • At times the drive itself crashed possibly with a bad sector in an area that the computer completely depends on, in which case, the remaining parts SOMETIMES (not always) are accessible and things can be recovered.

  • Other times, the drive crashed in a way that nothing can be accessed without high expense (and at times can’t be even with high expense).

Let’s hope yours crashed in a way that the data is recoverable.

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