computer crash, file lock, and corrupted "copy"

Hi all,

I just killed a computer with a power spike. (Sigh) My most important Scrivener file - located in a Dropbox folder - was open on that computer when it died. I’m trying to open it on my laptop Scrivener, thinks it’s still open on the dead computer so I used the “copy” option. My problem is that the file is massively corrupted. (docs out of order, docs that are blank, missing docs, etc.) This has happened a bunch of times when I’ve needed to use the “copy”. It’a always alright when I go to the other computer, close the file, and try again.
Is there any way to go into the dropbox folder that holds the doc and kill the lock file? And hopefully get my intact document back?

Lara H.

I don’t know how the lock file works, so perhaps someone how does will chime in.

But what about your Scrivener project backups? Can you revert to the latest one?

If you right click on the .scriv project file wherever it is in your Dropbox folder, choose “Show Package Contents”. You’ll then be able to delete the user lock file.

You should also check and resolve any conflicted copies you find within the set up, deleting the ones you don’t want to keep. Perhaps copy the .scriv file to your desktop first as a precaution against making things worse!


et voila! problem solved. thanks~