First, Keith - THANK YOU! I’m a new user (mac) and really appreciate Scrivener for its speed and the rich feature set. Writing with Scrivener makes me happy; it gives me lots of power but stays out of my way.

One feature I have always wanted to see in my writing software is a concordance. I think it would be useful during editing and re-writing, primarily to make sure my language is fresh and interesting.

My suggestion - since you have the cool features for comments, footnotes and snapshots - would be a function that would highlight the appearance/re-appearance of words within x number of words or pages. Scrivener would have to filter out the basics ( a, the, there, etc.) but perhaps there could be a default list of words to ignore…this function could be real-time, like spelling.

Not exactly what you are asking for, but is this of any help? … scrivener/

Thanks, Briar! While I’d like a real-time function, this is a work around I can use now. :smiley: Appreciate the tip.

De nada.