Conecting an image to a URL

Perhaps this is over simple and I am missing something, but I can’t work out how to add a URL link to an image, can anyone please help?

With the image selected, does the keyboard command Ctrl+L or Ctrl + Shift + L not pop-up a small window, allowing you to enter a link title and address?

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Antoni, as far as I can see, this just lets you link to another document - in fact creates one, when I tried it, in the current Binder.

I don’t find the ability to use a web link, as might be interesting, and is being asked.

Thanks for your help guys


Works as a charm!

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and yet…???

Link to Document (Ctrl+L) is a different Dialog than Link (Ctrl + Shift L)…

Well, there’s the problem. Ctrl-Shift-L seemed not to do anything ; today I notice a brief toast about some kind of logging started :slight_smile:

I didn’t remember the look-up-commands either, but found it via top of the Help menu command search. It does list Ctrl-Shift-L , but also let me just hit return there – and now I have that little link at bottom of the picture.

This is a pretty brand-new, very nice laptop; I wondered what could be taking over that key combination. Then the color of it (a particular bright red) strikes, and fits with the ‘logging’ notice.

It’s probably the control software for the graphics processor – I bought an invisibly gaming laptop, for the performance at low price, and actually it’s overall wonderful – Lenovo Legion Slim 7. I saw the designers were really proud of it, even the keyboard, which is well worth their pride :slight_smile:

As an aside, here, but seems worth appreciating…

There is typically overlap between programs with hotkeys, which is why most programs that use them make them user configurable. For example, Ctrl-Shift-L is used by BitWarden to autofill website login info.