*conflicted* files in Proejcts /Files directory

Looking around in the Files subdirectory and its child directory Docs of a project I see files with the word “conflicted” in their name. They also include ISO ordered dates for October 2016. Clearly these had been created during a synch between Scrivener on my Mac and my iOS devices. I’ve long since dealt with the conflicts and the Conflicts folder in the Binder is empty. (As is the _Recovered Files folder.)

One of those once-conflicted files is 38Mb I’m keen to get it out of my project and hence off Dropbox. It was a document that contained two large PNG images (each about 6Mb). The Binder document now only contains Scrivener Links to the two images residing as PNGs in the project’s Research folder.

Is it safe to delete these files?

Yes, if you know what’s in the files, it’s safe to delete them. You’ll need to do so with Finder, as they are inaccessible from within the Scrivener project.

If you have any doubt, it’s even safer to drag them out (using Finder) to a location such as your Desktop, where you can inspect them and, if needed, import them back into the project.


Thanks. I presume you mean “conflicted” RTF files in project.scriv/Files/Docs are safe to remove from the Dropbox synch folder. What about the several binder-conflicted-•.autosave, binder-conflicted-.backup, and search-conflicted-.indexes in project.scriv/Files? (These are no larger than 70K.)

I delete them without problems (so far!), as long as I’ve first made sure to resolve anything in Scrivener then shut it down. I sync between home laptop and work desktop almost daily and of course I often forget to shut Scrivener down, so I do deal with this not too infrequently…

Thanks for that. Having been bitten (and still bitten) by crashes when I let Scrivener do autmomatic synchs — been reported by it still happens — I have developed the habit of always synching from my iOS devices when I’ve worked on them. I let macOS Scrivener detect the changes but then use the Mobile Sync button as that prevents most of those crashes.

Wow you only sync once a day! More like once an hour here; okay hyperbole but it’s certainly more than three times a day on my active project.

Those too. *.autosave and *.backup files are copies of the main .scrivx file, so you shouldn’t need any version of those anyway unless there’s another problem. *.indexes files can be rebuilt as needed.

Note that if you have “conflicted” copies of the main project.scrivx file, it’s a good idea to confirm that everything in the project is where you expected to be. Scrivener can only see the main file, not the conflicted copies, so having an unresolved conflict there is a common cause of “missing” files.

See Appendix F of the Scrivener manual for more information about the components of your project.

Incidentally, iOS stores its changes in a separate Mobile folder. So there’s a good chance these files resulted from an issue between your Mac and Dropbox, not between Dropbox and iOS.


Thanks for that. I will remove those others files too not that they occupy much space.