Conflicted files

I have been playing with Scrivener for IOS and like what I see. I watched the video on sync’ing and it seemed simple.
While playing I was told I had “conflicted file” and a directory was created on each machine. The file in one was blank on the other it was the entire document. No conflicts were mentioned! The video never mentioned these directories. They also didn’t mention the “merge” option.

As the architect of a source control system that relied on merging, I know you can locate the offending lines.

Anybody else having conflict issues?

Hi David,

I regularly sync between a PC, iPhone, and iPad, and never have sync issues/conflicts.

Here’s the process I follow.

Device A

  1. When you are done working in Scrivener on this device, Close your Scrivener project
  2. Wait until the cloud service sync is complete on this device

Device B
3) Wait until the cloud service sync is complete on this device
4) Open your Scrivener project on this device and start working

It doesn’t matter how many Device B’s there are. The process is the same. From closely following posts on this board, my understanding is that people only get into sync trouble if they don’t follow this process.

I believe the Mac user manual has a chapter on syncing, as does the iOS tutorial.

As you are obviously technically minded, you may want to read the Knowledge Base articles under Cloud Syncing and also under iOS.

Conflict resolution is discussed somewhere in the above documentation and articles–I can recall seeing it–but I don’t recall precisely where because I’ve never had to do any conflict resolution! :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,