Conflicted Versions but "0 words" showing in conflict

Hi Everyone,

I am working off both a Windows PC and iPad and finally created conflicted versions. This should be an easy fix but the conflicted version shows up with “0 words” when I open it–both on the iPad and the PC. Restoring a backup doesn’t seem to be an option because all the backups are from after the conflicts happened. I’ve lost about a day of work and would like to get it back if possible.

Any ideas?

This is probably a Dropbox issue indicating incomplete synchronization of the problem documents.

If this were the case, could it be recovered?

Yes. Dropbox has the data, but hasn’t synchronized it to the local system. Check the Dropbox documentation for instructions on insuring that Scrivener projects are always available offline.

I’ll look at those instructions for the future but it’s not clear what I can do in this case. My Dropbox files have shown as synced this entire time, and the problem I’m having appears on both devices.

Scrivener should save both versions of a conflicted document. Use the project search (including the trash) and look for text that you would expect to find in the missing material.

Make sure that the entire project is stored locally: a Scrivener project is actually a folder, with several subfolders and many component files.