Conflicts on iOS and El Capitan

Hi there,

Is there an issue when both applications are running because I keep getting multiple error alerts regarding conflicts in Dropbox. The iPad addition also keeps saving work in a dedicated conflicts folder. I have the iPad saving in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener.

Where should I set my desktop copies to save?

Kind Regards

Are you editing on both the iPad and laptop at the same time? See here for Keith’s answer re conflict folders:

To add to that, I had a Scriv project open on both iPad and MacBook at the same time, but before moving from working on one to the other I made sure sync was complete. The iPad had gone to sleep in the meantime, when I woke it up it asked me whether I wanted to sync. I did, and it worked beautifully

Okay., I’ll check that. Thanks Kinsey.

No worries, hope it gets sorted. The key seems to be to make sure that Dropbox sync is finished on one device before syncing changes on the other