Confused about syncing Mac/PC

Everything I’ve found so far about syncing projects between Mac and PC specifically mentions using Dropbox. Why? I don’t understand why it would make a difference what software you use to sync Scrivener files, since such programs simply copy files without changing their format or anything else. Am I missing something? (Wouldn’t be the first time.) I don’t like Dropbox for their scalper pricing. I use Insync with Google Drive on both computers. No?

You’re missing the anecdotal evidence that is gleaned from working in support of Scrivener. According to people who work for Lit & Lat doing support, most sync related problems arise from people using sync software from Google and Microsoft. As for why? I’m not sure, and can only speculate. Probably they can only speculate as well, unless they have access to the code and the server infrastructure used by Google & Microsoft.

I’ll gladly speculate, but the bottom line is that of all the folder-syncing services/programs out there, Dropbox is king of not messing up your Scrivener project (if you follow the correct protocols). If you use someone else, then there’s a much higher percent chance that your documents will become corrupted as you work on them.

…That’s assuming you edit your project in the folder that’s being synced. If you edit outside of that sync folder, and use zip-compressed backups (File->Back up->Back up to…) to transfer your work to and from other computers, then just about anything will work.

And there is one better option … USB drive. Hard to mess that up.

Although, the one time I had a problem… I used a USB. Just goes to show you that you can’t completely account for user fail.

Hmmm. OK. I just remembered that Dropbox allows you 2G free (assuming that’s still the deal). I’ll sign up and try that - not likely I’ll exceed 2G if I use it only for Scrivener. Thanks.

Yeah, USB drives are “way cool” but I don’t think I want to be switching USB drives back and forth - I switch from Mac to PC often.

Your signature tag about your marriage makes me feel better. I’m pretty sad and cynical about all that; it always cheers me up to hear that someone has made it work.

Dropbox isn’t the only one that works, but it is a popular one and the free options are enough for many people. Cubby is another one I know various forum people use and I haven’t heard of any issues with that. There are also others like SpiderOak and Sugar Sync which likewise seem stable for Scrivener projects, though I think both of those are paid–but they offer some security/privacy features that aren’t available with free options. It’s mostly that particularly we’ve had a lot of anecdotal evidence that Google Drive and SkyDrive (now OneDrive) have caused problems for users by not syncing all parts of the project.

Note also that this is specifically talking about keeping a live project in a monitored folder, so that the individual pieces are being synced regularly. If you instead keep your project elsewhere on the machine and then just dump your zipped backup into the sync folder and let that upload and download to the other computers, any of the services should be fine, and people have certainly used Google Drive and OneDrive successfully for that.

I normally use a 8G micro SD with USB adapter. I think it was $8 at walmart. Yes they fail, but I have copies on both system so… I go back and forth a few times a day. but I typically only need to move the USB 2 times, once from mac to pc, then back to the mac. The trick is remembering to copy the scriv package (folder on windows, doc on mac) to the USB. Granted you should be using that method for DB as well so I’d have the same problem.

That and I don’t trust the cloud stuff at all. Too much “I do that for a living” to give me the warm and fuzzy with stuff I care about (vs what i get paid for which is all in a cloud (it is the cloud so it is kind of a recursive nightmare of logic (and parentheses))).

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anyway… we now return you to your regular forum …