Confused over chapters/index cards

Hi, I have a basic confusion here…I have created the project for my novel: I have part one and part two, and 16 folders for the chapters ready to go. I created 3 index cards for chapter one, and wrote the outline for the first three scenes. But I can’t remember: where do I just write the actual text?? My understanding was that the index cards “represent” the actual text; the document- that I can write the actual chapter, then have an index card represent it, so when I want to view the whole chapter or series of chapters…they are all laid out in corkboard view. But now I have in binder view “chapter 1,” which contains the 3 index cards…so…I’'m confused, and I apologize for the ridiculously basic question. Yes, I did watch the tutorial. :slight_smile:

Each index card on the corkboard represents a document in the binder. Selecting the Chapter One folder in the binder so it loads on the editor corkboard will show its three subdocuments as index cards; you’ll also see those documents in the binder if you expand the Chapter One folder there.
Selecting any one of those documents in the binder will load it in the editor, ready for you to add text. If you have the inspector open on the right (View > Layout > Inspector), you’ll see the document’s index card there, with the synopsis showing, just as when you saw it as a card in the corkboard.

From the corkboard, you can also load any of those displayed documents-represented-as-index-cards by double-clicking on the document icon to the left of the card’s title, where the arrows are pointing in the image above.