Consecutive Inline Annotations Getting Condensed into One

Version: Beta (937253) 64-bit - 26 May 2020

I’ve noticed a problem with consecutive Inline Annotations (CTRL-SHIFT-A) getting condensed into one.

Meaning, if I turn the following items into annotations, the program turns them into one. These should be two separate annotations. The “GOALS (and list)” being one annotation, and the “[THING 1]” being the other.

EDIT: To be clear, doing two separate CTRL-SHIFT-A operations, one for each annotation.

– Thing 1
– Thing 2
– Thing 3


I don’t mind if the program can combine them, if it asks me first. But these should be two separate things by default. Otherwise, I can’t move around the blocks of text without having to dink with the annotations.

Adding a screenshot.

These should be TWO annotations, but no matter how much separation I put between them, the program turns them into one.

Ah, just a Mac person here. I don’t know how this works on Windows, but I can tell you how it works on the Mac.

On the Mac, inline annotations are distinguished by colour. Thus, if I put two annotations of the same colour next each other, they will merge. In order to get multiple annotations next to each other on the Mac, I would need to make them separately, assign each a (slightly?) different colour and then put them next each other.

Since I don’t work for L&L. I can’t speak for them, but the stated goal of the Beta is to provide as much of the Mac functionality on Windows as practical. Since this works like the Mac, I wouldn’t expect this to be changed before release, unless someone on L&L staff says otherwise.

Oh. I’ll take a look. That might be the problem.

That indeed did the trick. Thanks!! I would have never have thought to change the color.

Perhaps a mention in the manual would be good.

Anyway-- mark this down as a “Works For Me”!

Thank you for your kind assistance!