Consider Selectable Version Info

Some of the only info that can’t be copied and pasted from the About dialog is the version. That is the info that a user will most likely want to copy and paste (as into a signature or a forum post). For example, I’d include the build number in my signature, but don’t feel like manually memorizing the number and typing it in.

Just click on the version number in the “About” panel and it will automatically be copied to your pasteboard.

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That’s great, but unless someone knows about that, it doesn’t help. IOW, it’s not “obvious” nor “discoverable.” Also, copying over what’s in the clipboard without the user’s knowledge isn’t great.

You wanted to be able to copy the version number. You can.

It is discoverable in the manual:

Slàinte mhòr.

In a practical sense, most users will not find that information. I did not. Ask 100 users whether they know how to to copy the version number to the clipboard, and I’ll be surprise if ten do.

However, if the text is selectable, most will figure it out, and nothing in the 893 page manual will be necessary.

Please take this as constructive criticism and procrastinating on my part (I should be writing).