Constant Crashing

Please help, love Scrivener on my Mac, so as soon as the IOS app became available I purchased it.

However when I try to open, it launches and then closes instantly.

If I double click the home button to see what is running it shows it, but as soon as I select it it crashes again.

I am on a iPhone 6 plus.

iOS 9.3.3 (upgraded from previous iOS in case it was this causing the issue)

Plenty of spare space on both phone and Dropbox.
Dropbox works fine on the phone.
No other apps running.
Tried and soft and hard reset of the phone, nothing seems to help.

Got it to work once and tried to create a test project and have it saved to dropbox, seemed to work but nothing appeared in my dropbox and it didn’t pickup my existing project from my Mac that were in Dropbox.

It then crashed and again will not open once more.

Even tried to delete the app and re-install, started up fine, but as soon as I created a test project and tried to save it to drop box it went back to exactly as before…

Please help as I am really keen to get working remotely.

I would delete the app again, shut down for a while and restart the iPhone, and then re-install the app. Sometimes re-booting and re-installing clear up things, in some mysterious way.

(I once got this advice from a computer specialist: if nothing else seems to help, re-boot and re-install 'til it works :slight_smile: )