Contact Problem

I have tried to contact technical support about Scrivener for Mac many times by e-mail. But I ve got no answer. Can anyone help me?

Help you contact Tech Support? Sure!
First I’ll check you have used the right email address ( )
Hopefully the “many times” part hasn’t caused you to go into a spam folder.

I also assume you’ve done the following:

That will put you in the queue, and they’ll get back to when they can. Check your own junk mail filter in case they already have.

But, I’d also suggest going to the wider support network… this one!

Start a new topic here, in the Technical Support (Mac) forum. Explain your issue / question, and the numerous great minds that stalk the halls will do what they can to help.

Yes, I did all that. But ok, I will start a new topic here.

Hi Gaspar,

I see from your response to pigfender that you have followed the advice on our support page, so I don’t know why you have not received any reply from emails sent to us. I don’t know your email address, so I can’t check on the specifics of your case (PM me with your email address if you want me to look into it), but we reply to all email contacts that we receive (aside from duplicates sent to multiple addresses, which we have to sift through manually, closing all but one active thread). We even check our spam filters to make sure that emails with obviously relevant subject titles aren’t relegated to the depths – I skim through the spam folder every morning, but emails stand a greater chance of being rescued from there if they have a properly descriptive subject heading, rather than something spam-like such as “urgent” or “plastic windows going cheap this weekend”. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, some senders don’t set up their email systems so that they can receive our replies. Make sure that you “whitelist” the domain names “” and “” to make sure that your spam filters don’t block our responses. If you use some sort of spam-blocking verification system requiring manual intervention from the sender after your email provider has received our email, then exclude our domain names from it – you are contacting us, so it is up to you to check that your system will accept our response.

Please also check your junk/spam/commercial/promotions folders (or similar) to make sure that you haven’t missed our response. Gmail in particular seems to invoke email categorisation processes which lead to our responses being sent to some quiet, unfrequented backwater of the recipient’s email system, only to surface months later.

And if you have contacted us, keep an eye out for our odd-looking email addresses – these are generated by our support system, specific to each support ticket, so they look rather lengthy and peculiar (they generally consist of a long string of numbers and letters, appended to a prefix beginning with “tender”, since this is the support system we use).

Please do try again if you wish to, using the appropriate email address for your enquiry, as described on our support page at We answer all emails as soon as we can.

All the best,