Contents of a Layout, Inserting YAML


Is there some way to change the contents of a layout? I have one that shows chapter number, and would just like to have the text.

The only trick I’ve found is to find one near what I want and then hit + and it seems to copy that one. Is there a more direct way to control what’s in there?


I’m working on getting YAML into my compiled Markdown output. I see how to create a layout (subject to the question above) that shows some YAML. Then I turn off Scrivener’s well-intended metadata insertion. Then I assign that layout to a Section type.

Do I then have to have a special section type for the top of the document, assign that manually at the top, and not use that section type elsewhere in the doc? That seems to work. Is there a better way?


You specifically select the section layout you want to modify and hit [+]; it duplicates that layout but with a new name.

I’m not sure about your YAML question, I had a brief read through that thread but I got lost!!! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue: I just use a front-matter document that contains my YAML, as Pandoc requires more advanced YAML formatting than MMD, and that I find editing front-matter documents much more transparent than having to do this with section layouts. In this case the section layout should be equivalent to “As-Is”, and it can be applied to any number of YAML documents that would be all compiled together. But I’m sure there is a reason you have to put your YAML in section layouts…

Thanks … so the way I found is the way to do it. YAY!

And for the YAML, yeah, I’m pretty close to thinking just type it in.


For me nesting values is important, so for example my metadata looks something like this: … my-filters

To do that within compile would be a nightmare, so I do it in a document, and I edit or duplicate as needed for different compile targets. I make sure I visualise whitespace, because you must use spaces for indentation etc. But then this document is either added as front-matter or compiled “as-is”…

Very interesting, thanks! I’m hoping not to have to go that far. :slight_smile:

Thanks again,