Contents of document missing since new version installed


I’ve been using the Windows Beta versions of Scrivener, and mostly they’ve worked fine. But when I installed the latest version yesterday and opened it, as usual it automatically opened the document I had last been working on with the previous version.

However, when the document opened it was completely empty. The only thing left is the heading, but the content is all gone.

Is there any way to fix this at all? I have checked the folder with the project docs, and there’s nothing there.


Sounds like your project may have become your corrupted. Do you use cloud services such as dropbox to save your project? When was the last time you made a backup of your project?

To minimise loss/problems occurring please consider backing up your work at least once every writing session. To do so go to File > Back Up To. I recommend ticking the zip option as saving it as a single zipped file minimises the chance of a project becoming corrupted.

I had this problem today, in that I was only able to locate older Scriviner saves, not my most recent version, after upgrading. The “most recent” files thing was blank.

However Google Desktop was able to locate the missing files and I was able to open it. It seems like Google Desktop search can even locate the .rtf files directly which are contained within scrivener files.

Based on this experience, I highly recommend anyone missing part or whole of a Scriviner document to give Google Desktop search a try.

Glad you found your work! Windows search should be able to do the same thing–finding the .rtf files within the Scrivener project isn’t a big deal, since they’re really just regular files in a folder. (Which isn’t to downplay Google Desktop, just to say for those without it trying a Windows search should also be fruitful.) Sounds like Scrivener’s just having a weird display/indexing issue where it’s not recognizing that there is content in the document. I think this happened in earlier betas, too, so I guess it’s not fully fixed yet; something to keep an eye on.

Again, so glad you have your work, and thanks for the report!