Contextual Menu to create new import from web links.

I wonder how easy it would be to implement an ‘import web page’ contextual link from an existing webarchive? It is no big thing, as I just copy paste the url after it opens in an external app, and then paste into the import web pages dialogue.

Is the immediate opening in an external browser a textedit type behaviour, or is there some way to implement importation from urls that are actual links (rather than plaintext) directly as a webarchive?

cheers :slight_smile:

Okay, after grinding through 3 pages of the search function, I found a request from AmberV that concerned an improved ‘web import’ dialogue - this was a couple of weeks ago. … webarchive

Also found that, which talks about the problems with making scrivener handle downloads. I don’t think this would be an issue with importing a web page as a webarchive though - scrivener already does it from the web import dialogue. Either a right click on a link, or AmberVs suggestion would be awesome.

At the moment there won’t be any enhancement to such functionality, I’m afraid. Scrivener just uses the standard Web View, which makes things simple but complicates adding enhancements. Try asking again when I start looking into enhancements for 1.5 and I may consider it, but right now it’s an “off the radar” requestion, I’m afraid. I would still like to create a bookmarklet if I can ever figure it out, though…

Okies :slight_smile: Wasn’t expecting it any time soon, I just thought it would be a neat addition for 2.0

Would it help if I copied a bookmarklet for another program here, so at least you could see how it ‘might’ work? Although, I guess you already have bookmarklets of your own, so…uh… :unamused: Silly me.