Contiguous texts with title/text widows/orphans

Goofy subject line, but OK.

Maybe I’m missing this, but say I’m setting up a project as follows:

If I PDF-compile the level 2 single-texts contiguously without page breaks in between, I’m seeing that as appropriate to the page size some of their titles and text are widowed/orphaned across pages. I’d like to prevent this, but I’m failing to discover the method. At the very least some kind of custom separator would seem to be called for.

If that method exists, please let me know, and if it doesn’t, how about adding it to Scrivener’s capabilities in a future update?

There are no plans to add true widow/orphan support, as that’s the sort of thing that is left to dedicated page layout programs. (It’s actually something fiendishly difficult to implement in the OS X text system - I’ve actually spent a couple of months on it in the past with no success other than lots of layout crashes, and paid for tech support from Apple engineers - part of the developer program - and even they couldn’t get it working or suggest a way of doing it!)

However, if you just want to ensure that titles are kept with their following paragraphs, just apply “Keep with Next” (in the Format > Text menu) to the title. This will ensure that the title is kept on the same page as at least the first line of text in the next paragraph, pushing it onto the next page if necessary.

Got it; thanks.

By the way, great idea to add the highlight link between the structure & content table and the binder. Very helpful.