Continuous page numbering across separate chapters


I’m trying to compile/export the first three chapters of my novel as a word doc. and I want the page numbering to continue across the chapters. At the moment it seems to be resetting at each chapter. How do I do this? Each chapter is a separate text document.

That’s strange - I can’t think of a reason the page numbers would reset unless you are exporting the chapters as separate documents. There’s nothing in Scrivener that I can think of that would reset the page numbering within the document.

And along those lines, are you using File/Export/Files... instead of File/Compile... to produce your manuscript? You generally want the latter as it is designed to work with the principle of converting many small chunks of text into one single cohesive document (with a continuous page counter for instance). There are rarer edge cases where exporting files is what you want—short stories not intended for a collection and the like—most often as a form of exporting the project’s resources for archival backup.