Contraction problems on iPadOS 13 beta

I know it’s a beta, just reporting the bug I’m finding.

On my 11-inch iPad Pro with iPadOS 13 beta and the Smart Keyboard Folio, whenever I type an apostrophe for a contraction, the following 2 letters are upper case. It’s a weird bug that’s driving me crazy.
It doesn’t happen on the on screen keyboard, and I don’t have another bluetooth keyboard to test it out.

Thanks for all the work you guys do, and if anyone knows a work around, let me know!

I’m also experiencing this problem on the iPadOS beta. I’m actually going to revert until it’s officially released, because this is driving me crazy.

I am having this same issue. It doesn’t show up in any other editor or text field for any other application that I have noticed yet. iPad Pro (First Gen) 12.9”.

I am seeing the same thing too on an iPad 9.5" using Apple’s Keyboard. Only first letter after the apostrophe is capitalized in my case. If you delete the upper case letter and retype then you get lower case

I have the 9.7" iPad Pro with the iPadOS 13 installed. I am having the same issues with the letter after the apostrophe being capitalized.

Just chiming in to say I’m seeing this too! Ah, the joy of Beta.

I just upgraded IpadOS to the new beta (5), and the problem is still there. Is this something that needs to be reported to Apple as a bug in their beta, or is it something that needs to be looked at in Scrivener?

A) it’s Apple’s bug
B) I’d bet that KB is aware of it and trying to find a way round it in case Apple doesn’t fix it.


I reported it in the first beta, but I’m sure that it wouldn’t hurt with more people reporting.

I’ve gotten around this by turning off auto-capitalization with hardware keyboards off for now though. That might help you guys as well.

This will be fixed in the upcoming iOS 13 compatibility release! Thanks for the reports.