control for movie files

What happened to command/return for controlling video/audio file play? I use it constantly and definitely need some way to control playback without having to take the focus from my notes file.



A very good quesiton. I changed the shortcut to alt-cmd-enter so that “Open in Editor” could be set to cmd-enter, but now I see that the new shortcut isn’t working or even showing up in the Go menu. This is really annoying and stupid. It is set in the .nib file (the interface file), but as soon as the program loads, it disappears. I guess at run-time the Cocoa system must check the shortcut keys and determines that alt-cmd-return shouldn’t be allowed for some reason. Ugh.

So, I’ll restore it to cmd-enter for beta 3 and figure out some new shortcut key for “open in editor”…

Sorry about that.

No problem! Thanks for fixing it! Sounds frustrating to have to deal with some of these Cocoa issues!