Control + V Issues

Usually I use hotkeys to perform tasks at a faster rate. Today, without warning anytime I use Control + V to paste text into the Editor, The Binder, The Notes and The Synopsis windows I suffer from severe lag and at times complete hang up causing me to Force Quit the program and restart causing it to have to rebuild everything from backup. This is becoming an annoyance. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Have you restarted your Mac?

That’s the first, second, third and fourth thing that I did.

Are you actually using Control, V for this, instead of the standard Command, V? The former does have a function in a text editing context, though it generally shouldn’t cause a hang—it is supposed to work a bit like PageDown, but with the added function of moving the cursor instead of just scrolling the view and leaving the cursor where it was. Perhaps in some specific scenarios it may malfunction when doing so? I’ve never run into that myself, but I don’t often use that shortcut.

Sorry, yes, I am using Command + V.