controlling outliner format

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having sifted through the forum, without success, forgive my asking a question that must have come up before:

how can one change the the text formatting of the outliner view? specifically, how can i reduce the spacing between the lines of text in outliner view?

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See this recent discussion:

Scrivener > Preferences > Fonts & Colors lets you control font sizes.
System Preferences > Displays will also affect the resolution of fonts.

On my system, Lucida Grande 11, the default for Outliner, displays lines close together.
Check your Fonts folder to see if you have that size installed or activated.

dear druid

thanks for your message. my default font is set to lucida gr 11 already. the font size is perfectly ok. to my taste, there is too much spacing between the lines. for example, if you click on a line in the outliner, you can see a fairly large amount of space around the text (mainly below).

does anyone know a way of reducing that space ie number of points below the text etc?

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I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but there is no way of changing the spacing in the outliner because it just uses the standard spacing for the Apple NSOutlineView control (although it does make its own mind up on how high each row should be based on the current font).

dear keith,

that looks like the answer (ie, it cant be controlled within scriv). sorry if i wasnt clear.

i simply wanted the lines to be closer together with less blank space between them. the font size is not a problem.

if there is some overall OSX way of controlling that, please point me in the right direction and i will try to figure it out. i dont know what

is, but i am always ready to learn something new. :wink:

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Do you mean the space between lines of text within one document, or between the different rows of the outliner? (I ask this out of interest, as there is no way of controlling either…)

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dear keith,

i meant between rows of the outliner view.

my working method:
it would be great to use scriv as my main outliner - i am a big user of detailed outlines when i write. since i have yet to figure out how to make outlines easily in scriv, i make them in mellel and then export them and fiddle with them using grep and textwrangler (suggestion of signinstranger) to whip them into shape as mmd files to be imported into scriv. this give me a pretty good outline in scriv into which to put text bits/quotes etc.

if the rows were closer together in scriv’s outliner, it would let me peruse more of the outline at one time.

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ps see new question re: mycolumn