Convert 3.0 to 1.9 or how to get snapshots

I stopped using Scrivener for my manuscript awhile ago, however, I happen to need my snapshots. I cannot get them on 3.0 “release candidates” because it literally freezes every single time I use it - on any Windows device I use. The same project that worked flawlessly on Mac, and do correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that a 3.0 file from Mac should be able to open on Windows and work perfectly fine.

So my last (known) resort is to change the 3.0 file into a 1.9 file, and buy 1.9 just to get my snapshots (I had bought 3.0 on Mac, but no longer have a Mac device), or settle for being able to access them only for the trial period), because iOS can’t do it either - a problem I certainly didn’t anticipate before ceasing to have a Mac computer. At the time I was intending to use Windows 3.0, which was due in weeks.

So. How do I convert my 3.0 to 1.9, or is there a way to get to the snapshots without opening Scrivener?