Convert a short story to a novel with parts

Hi All,

A long time ago I laid down some chapters for a short story. Well, after coming back to it a couple weeks ago I began outlining like never before and have so far outlined 6 chapters. Nothing has really been set in stone-- it all lives in the Notes area for now.

But it is clear this no longer a short story. Or if it is, it’s a longer short story with Parts.

So my question is this: the short story format that scrivener has is no longer what Im looking for, so can I convert this to a Novel with Parts? Or best to just move over the notes and research and start a new file?

These templates (Novel with parts, short story, etc) are only starting points.
You can do anything you want starting off of any template.
So no need to redo anything (or try and figure out a conversion – there is no tool for that).
Just add the files and folders as you need them.
It’ll work.

When comes the time to compile, the only difference is that you might have to create one or two missing section types. It is easy, no need to worry about that.
The rest is 100% the same.

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Thanks! I was really thinking of the endgame, when I compile it all. Having the Parts already there and ready to go would be helpful.

Well, if you really want to do it this way:

Create a new project from the desired template. (Of course, give it a unique name – don’t name it the exact same as your current version.)
Having both new and old projects side by side, drag the binder content from the old to the new.

There is a bunch of different ways you could come to the same result. This is just one.


Just add the parts folders, give them appropriate section types, and drag existing documents into them as needed.

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Thanks for the prompt replies folks, I got it figured out and set up the way Id hoped!

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