Convert all "no style" to same font?

I am working on a long project. Started in Times New Roman. Changed to Open Sans some time ago. Now a lot of no style text is in Helvetica; I think this happened when I had to use a backup laptop that didn’t have Open Sans installed. Is there any safe way to change anything that is in “no style” to the same default font and size? Without messing up my styled text? And without eliminating subscripts, styled text (I have key terms flagged), etc.? Sorry, but the editor font issues have me baffled.

I believe what you want is to select all of the documents in the binder that you want to do this with, and then go to Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting. You probably want to use File->Back Up->Back Up To… first, in case it clobbers any of your styles. I don’t think it will, but it always pays to take precautions before a large change.

A panel will pop up before the conversion to default formatting happens, where you can check off options on what to change/what to preserve or cancel the operation. I’m pretty sure that styled text is not affected by this operation unless you explicitly tell the convert window to remove all styles.

This method does indeed seem to work–subscripts, styled text, etc. are retained. Thank you!