Convert Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax

Scrivener 2 had an option in the editor (not compiler) to convert “Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax—Converts rich text bold and italic formatting codes into respective MMD syntax”.

Any chance of that being added back into Scrivener 3 or being made available as a stand-alone service that users can add to their Macs?

Pretty please!



The option is there, but only if you’re compiling to Markdown or one of the Markdown → (something) export formats.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 02.41.14.png[/attachment]

You want to do it in the Editor, though. Possibly Edit → Copy Special → Copy as Markdown will do what you want (then paste in a new document).

Many thanks for your time and advice. Greatly appreciated.

Yes, looking for an editor-based solution. I have used the copy-and-paste method before, but it is cumbersome with multiple documents. I believe the older S2 tool worked in scrivenings mode, allowing users to change an entire manuscript with a single click.

Hoping Keith will add it back to S3 or make the code available as a Mac service.



Maybe he will. (I never saw it, so I can’t swear it existed.)

Was even a feature of Scrivener 1.

The coding is there as it works during compile … would love to have it available in the editor as well, even if only as a service / quick action.