Convert Bold/Italics to MMD Option Not in Menu

For whatever reason, the option to Convert Bold & Italics to MultiMarkdown is not showing up in my format menu. The Help says that it should be under Format > Convert, and the post giving the differences between Mac and Windows versions doesn’t list it as missing. I’ve even done a manual install of MMD on the computer, but still nothing. Any ideas?

Yeah, sorry about that. Someone else reported this recently, the menu command was mistakenly left in and should have been removed. We don’t have every little detail in that you list you referred to, it is more just meant to cover the broad strokes.

Ah, okay. So it shouldn’t be showing up at all? That’s disappointing, but at least I know that there’s not some horrible malfunction with my computer.

Right, the underlying feature doesn’t exist yet, so there is no menu item for it. It should be noted that there are utilities out there that can do very simple rich text to Markdown conversion. One that I know of off of the top of my head is Pandoc. It can take an docx file and create an .md file out of it—don’t expect it to be flawless, but for bold and italics it may do the trick.