Convert Document References to Collection

We can already drag document titles from Collections into Document References. This almost enables a user to associate a Collection with an individual document, rather than with the project as a whole. Almost, but not quite, as there’s no easy way to move document references, the internal ones, back into a Collections workspace.

They’re both curated lists of references, but you can do much more with a Collection than you can with a set of Document References. You can open an individual Reference for editing, and rename its link to your liking. But Collections can be multi-selected, viewed in the Outliner, edited in Scrivenings, relocated in the binder in groups. They’re also repositories from which you can move the same links into other Document Reference sets.

This capability would be valuable for writers who have lots of notes that could easily fit on several branches of their note tree and who would like to use Document References as an alternate subdocument hierarchy. These are groups far too numerous and narrow to be organized around Keywords or around project-level saved Collections.

Thanks for giving it a thought.

Rgds — Jerome

Thanks! This seems reasonable, it will be implemented in the next update.

Thanks AmberV and Team Scrivener for your favorable response. – Jerome